Farmers & Producers of Buffalo Meat and Dairy in Warwickshire, the heart of England.


Take a look around the site to find out where to buy our products and more about the farm.  Also check out our show calendar to find out where you can see us serving up our famous Buffalo Burgers or scrumptious Ice Creams next.

About our Farm

After several generations of milking Friesians in Napton, we decided to diversify into milking Water Buffalo.

We started at the end of 1999, with 20 milking cows and a bull. In 2007 we sold the remaining Friesians and increased the Buffalos to 80 milkers.

Napton Water Buffalo have since grown and are now milking approximately 140 cows with around 100 young stock.

We currently farm approximately 250 acres in and around Chapel Green, Napton. Our Buffalo are a well known sight to boaters on the Oxford Canal.

Wide-eyed curious Buffalo, in for the Winter. ‘Bubalus Bubalis’ are native across most of Asia and there are actually more of them kept worldwide than cows.  However in this country, they are still very much a novelty! 

Where To Buy

Napton Village Stores

Situated in the centre of Napton Village, the Post Office sells a wide range of local produce including our Buffalo Burgers, Sausages, Meatballs, Steaks, Joints and Ice Cream!

Hilltop Farm

Located in and around the village of Hunningham, the farm shop and cafe are on Hunningham Hill, just off the Fosseway. Fantastic views all over Warwickshire and the Cotswolds. Hilltop Farm sell Buffalo Ice Cream, Steaks and joints, and also make their own burgers from our own buffalo mince.

From our Farm

Our produce can be collected from the farm but please call us first to check availability.

Harbury Local Produce pop up market

A new initiative in Harbury, providing access to a range of local producers.

Take a look around